Table 4.

Complications of upper arm accesses

Transposed Brachiobasilic FistulaBrachiocephalic FistulaGraftP
Catheter-dependence until mature access in use, days9612632a<0.001
CRB before perm acc use? (%)46%44%24%a<0.001
Surgical revisions/yr0.13c0.250.200.01
Total interventions/yr0.840.821.87a<0.001
Access infections, %/yr0%0.7%9.7%a<0.001
  • All complications were standardized for the duration of access follow-up. CRB, catheter-related bacteremia; PTA, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.

  • a Indicates which group differs from the other two groups.

  • b Thrombectomy was not attempted in fistulas that clotted prior to their first cannulation.

  • c Significantly lower than brachiocephalic fistulas.