Table 3.

Coronary artery intimal plaque calcification

The Percentage of Patients with Intimal Calcification (%)
Patients without CKDPatients with CKD1/2Patients with CKD3Patients with CKD4/5Patients with CKD5D
Right coronary artery, proximal204758a56a78a
Right coronary artery, distal7272944b78b,c,d
Left main coronary artery3353505096b
Left anterior descending coronary artery, proximal404073b,c69b,c87b,c
Left anterior descending coronary artery, distal727232591b,c,d,e
Left circumflex coronary artery, proximal53405888a,c83a,c
Left circumflex coronary artery, distal27133344a,c61a,c,d
  • Versus without CKD:

  • a P <0.05,

  • b P <0.01. Versus CKD1/2:

  • c P <0.05.

  • Versus CKD3:

  • d P <0.05. Versus CKD4/5:

  • e P <0.05.