Table 2.

The goodness-of-fit statistics of the hypothesized, modified, and alternative modelsa

Path ModelsGoodness-of-Fit Statistics
Hypothesized path modelχ2dfPGFIAGFIRMRRMSEA90%CICFI
16.5780.040.970.8916.250.090.02 to 0.140.95
Modified path modelχ2dfPGFIAGFIRMRRMSEA90%CICFI
7.91130.850.990.9715.810.000.00 to 0.051.00
Alternative model 1bχ2dfPGFIAGFIRMRRMSEA90%CICFI
6.06120.910.990.9817.420.000.00 to 0.031.00
Alternative model 2cχ2dfPGFIAGFIRMRRMSEA90%CICFI
41.20130.000.930.8413.330.120.08 to 0.160.84
  • a χ2, Satorra-Bentler scaled chi-square; df, degrees of freedom; GFI, goodness-of-fit index; AGFI, adjusted GFI; RMR, root mean square residual; RMSEA, root mean square error of approximation; NNFI, non-normed fit index; CFI, comparative fit index.

  • b Additional path from depression to quality of life was added in the model.

  • c Kidney-disease-related loss precedes depression, given all other parameters being constant.