Table 5.

Final histopathologic diagnoses of 243 biopsies in HIV-infected individuals at the Johns Hopkins Hospital from February 1995 to December 2007

Primary Diagnosisn (%)
HIV-associated nephropathy (collapsing FSGS)72 (29)a
Noncollapsing FSGS46 (19)
Acute interstitial nephritis26 (11)
HIV-associated immune complex GN19 (8)b
Hypertensive nephropathy14 (6)
Diabetic nephropathy14 (6)
Postinfectious GN12 (5)
Acute tubular necrosis10 (4)
IgA nephropathy6 (2)
Membranoproliferative GN (hepatitis C related)5 (2)
Membranous GN4 (2)
Amyloidosis (AA)4 (2)
Otherc9 (4)
No diagnosis2 (1)
  • GN, glomerulonephritis.

  • a Five with superimposed immune complex disease.

  • b Nine with lupus-like GN.

  • c One each of necrotizing GN, lymphoma, fibrillary GN, minimal change, thrombotic microangiopathy, nonspecific mesangial proliferation, glomerulosclerosis, reflux/chronic pyelonephritis, and xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis.