Table 2.

Associations of serum alkaline phosphatase with all-cause mortality

Model/AssociationHazard Ratio95% CI
Continuous variable models for each 2-fold increase in baseline serum alkaline phosphatase
    model 1a1.601.08 to 2.36
    model 2b1.551.03 to 2.33
    model 3c1.551.03 to 2.33
Categorical variable models for high versus low alkaline phosphatase group
    model 1a1.360.90 to 2.04
    model 2b1.300.86 to 1.96
    model 3c1.300.86 to 1.96
  • a Model 1 adjusted for demographics (age and gender), drug and BP groups, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, MAP, BMI, smoking, GFR, and proteinuria.

  • b Model 2 further adjusted for liver function tests (serum AST, albumin, LDH, total bilirubin, and GGT).

  • c Model 3 further adjusted for serum calcium and phosphorus.