Table 4.

Effect of baseline creatinine determination on severity classification at 48 h after insult

ParameterModel A (Initial ICU Creatinine)Model B (Calculation Assumes a GFR of 75 ml/min)Model C (Calculation Assumes a GFR of 100 ml/min)
Baseline creatinine (mg/dl)
    mean ± SD0.78 ± 0.340.99 ± 0.140.77 ± 0.11
    median (IQR)0.71 (0.62 to 0.88)1.03 (0.86 to 1.07)0.80 (0.67 to 0.83)
Outcome and severity stage metrics
        mean RAVC22.7−1.526.4
        mean AVC (mg/dl)0.180−0.0050.190
    categorical (%)
        AKIN I17.914.618.2
        AKIN II6.94.69.8
        AKIN III2.22.54.7
        total AKIN27.121.732.8
        RIFLE R12.19.114.3
        RIFLE I6.94.69.8
        RIFLE F2.22.54.7
        total RIFLE21.216.228.8
        total W&B10.613.220.4