Table 1.

Bone biopsies results in predialysis patientsa

ReferenceNo. of PatientsSHPTH (%)MHPTH (%)OM (%)MBD (%)AMBD (%)ABD (%)Normal Bone (%)Treatment
Eastwood et al., 1982 (23)3886.844.7bNA10.2No vitamin D
Mora Palma et al., 1983 (24)32754.034.0NA12.0NA
Dahl et al., 1988 (25)6080.01.6NA11.0NA
Hutchinson et al., 1993 (26)3027. 2 to 10 g/d
Hernandez et al., 1994 (27)9257.423.011.0No vitamin DCaCO3
Torres et al., 1995 (28)3830. vitamin DCaCO3
Hamdy et al., 1995 (15)87 placebo71.
89 vitamin D75. 3 to 8 g/d
Coen et al., 1996 (29)762. vitamin DNo CaCO3
Shin et al., 1999 (30)588.636.
Ballanti et al., 2001 (5) vitamin DNo CaCO3
Spasovski et al., 2003 (31)849. 0.5 g/dNo vitamin D
  • a ABD, adynamic bone disease; AMBD, advanced mixed bone disease; MBD, mixed bone disease; MHPTH, mild hyperparathyroidism; NA, not available; OM, osteomalacia; SHPTH, severe hyperparathyroidism.

  • b Percentage of patients with SHPTH also had OM.