Table 2.

Desirable design features of the CAN-SLEEP cohorta

Design FeatureBenefit
Merge data from multiple Canadian NHD programs into a single cohortIncreases sample size and maximizes power
Hypothesis driven, research question orientedAvoid data dredging, maintain focus of network priority
Uniform definitions of exposures and outcomes across centersMaximizes data quality and minimizes information and selection biases
Minimal loss to follow-up with captive NHD population to maximize outcome informationMinimizes selection bias
Prospective collection of data on a variety of themesMinimizes information bias and confounding
Uniform electronic record keepingMinimizes information bias by ensuring data integrity and uniform storage of patient-level data
Restriction to incident patients where possibleMinimizes selection bias and confounding
  • a CAN-SLEEP, CANandian Slow Long nightly ExtEnded dialysis Programs; NHD, nocturnal home hemodialysis.