Table 4.

Factors associated with FGF-23: univariate and multivariate regression analyses using FGF-23 as the dependent variable

Independent VariablesM3M12
β coefficientPR2β coefficientPR2
Univariate models
    Albumin-corrected calcium0.50.0020.190.430.020.11
    Albumin-corrected calcium0.290.015--
    Overall model<0.00010.65<0.00010.37
  • Parameters included in the model: FGF-23pre, serum albumin-corrected calcium, phosphorus, PTH, calcidiol, calcitriol alkaline phosphatases, and eGFR. PTH and FGF-23 were Ln-transformed for regression analyses. Only parameters univariately associated at P ≤ 0.2 for at least one time point are mentioned in the table.