Table 1.

Baseline clinical characteristics of the 100 patients with SLE according to peak D-dimer levelsa

CharacteristicsPeak D-Dimer (μg/ml)
<0.50.5 to 2.0>2.0
% Female8410097
Race (black/white/other)9/35/111/7/118/17/1
% renal SLE696875
Scr (mg/dl)0.991.220.98
Hb (g/dl)12.7011.9011.60
WBC count (/mm3)6.507.986.90
Platelet count (×10−3)256294286
% Patients receiving
    aspirin (81 mg/d)223733
    hydroxychloroquine (200 mg twice daily)334747
% WHO III/IVc472658
% WHO Vc203714
Flare rate (mean/yr)d0.380.450.89
  • a The clinical laboratory results are the measures taken at baseline. The therapies are those prescribed during follow-up. Hb, hemoglobin; P/C, 24-h urine protein/creatinine ratio; Scr, serum creatinine; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; WBC, white blood cell.

  • b Azathioprine, mycophenolate, methotrexate, or cyclophosphamide.

  • c Percentage of patients according to World Health Organization kidney biopsy class.

  • d Mean SLE flare rate for each D-dimer group, P = 0.014 by nonparametric ANOVA. None of the other differences among the D-dimer strata was significant.