Table 4.

Main studies evaluating the relationships between ACE I/D genotypes and response to ARA therapy in non diabetic renal disease

Redon et al. (61), 2005Coto et al. (60), 2005aPark et al. (62), 2006
No. of patients2063799
Follow-up (yr)10.3055
Patient characteristicsEssential hypertension, microalbuminuriaChronic nephropathyOvert proteinuria
Baseline characteristics of genotype groupsNo data on age and gender?Comparable
Treatment in genotype groups???
Adjustments for relevant covariates???
Effect of ACE inhibitor therapyComparable UAE reduction in the 3 genotypesComparable UAE reduction in the 3 genotypesComparable proteinuria reduction in the 3 genotypes
  • ?, insufficient information.

  • a Data retrieved from the English abstract.