Table 2.

Main studies evaluating the relationships between ACE I/D genotypes and response to ARA therapy in diabetic renal disease

Andersen et al. (46), 2003Andersen et al. (47), 2002Parving et al. (50), 2008Haneda et al. (48), 2004
Type of diabetesIIIIII
No. of patients54541435126
Follow-up (yr)30.333.40.25
Patient characteristicsHypertension with persistent albuminuriaHypertension with persistent albuminuriaProteinuriaProteinuria
Baseline characteristics of genotype groupsComparableComparableComparable (but BMI and race)Comparable
Treatment in genotype groupsComparableComparable??
Adjustments for relevant covariatesNoNoYes?
Effect of ARA therapyComparable proteinuria reduction and GFR decline in II and DDComparable albuminuria reduction in II (55%) and DD (46%)Risk reduction for ESKD: DD, 50.1%; ID, 30.5%; II, 3.1%No interaction between genotype and albuminuria reduction
  • ?, insufficient information.