Table 4.

Univariate and multivariate analysis of factors that contribute to UP remission in 55 patients with IgANa

VariableUnivariate AnalysisMultivariate Analysis
Age (per 10 yr of age)0.82(0.58 to 1.17)0.2780.71(0.46 to 1.10)0.135
Male (versus female)0.69(0.32 to 1.49)0.3480.93(0.32 to 2.68)0.885
Macroscopic hematuria (versus no macrohematuria)0.84(0.41 to 1.74)0.6370.60(0.26 to 1.38)0.229
SBP (per 10 mmHg)0.78(0.60 to 1.03)0.0760.97(0.70 to 1.33)0.835
Urinary protein (per 0.5 g/d)0.72(0.55 to 0.95)0.018b0.74(0.54 to 1.02)0.063
Serum creatinine (per 0.5 mg/dl)0.61(0.36 to 1.04)0.0710.84(0.43 to 1.64)0.607
Histologic severity (per grade)0.46(0.23 to 0.90)0.023b0.98(0.39 to 2.45)0.969
Combined therapy (versus monotherapy)5.19(2.01 to 13.40)0.001b6.20(1.98 to 19.50)0.002b
RAS-I (versus absence of RAS-I)0.52(0.25 to 1.07)0.0760.80(0.37 to 1.73)0.571
  • a CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio; RAS-I, renin-angiotensin system inhibitors.

  • b Statistically significant.