Table 4.

Programs performing procedure with no minimum number required for documentation of expected competence (responses of 0 to question 3)

ProcedureNo Requirementa
Temporary HD catheter: IJ vein29 (41)
Temporary HD catheter: femoral vein28 (32)
Tunneled HD catheter: inpatient10 (67)
Tunneled HD catheter: outpatient9 (60)
Placement of peritoneal dialysis catheter9 (60)
Percutaneous native kidney biopsy28 (33)
Percutaneous transplant kidney biopsy30 (36)
US guidance: native kidney biopsyb18 (58)
US guidance: transplant kidney biopsyb21 (60)
Diagnostic native kidney USb6 (60)
Diagnostic transplant kidney USb8 (62)
Plasmapheresis22 (59)
Thrombectomy of HD access-inpatient/outpatient7 (64)/7 (54)
Angioplasty of HD access-inpatient/outpatient7 (70)/7 (54)
Stenting of HD access-inpatient/outpatient7 (70)/8 (62)
Continuous renal replacement therapy34 (40)
  • HD, hemodialysis; IJ, internal jugular; US, ultrasound.

  • a No. (%) of programs reporting no minimum number of procedures (not all programs responded to each item).

  • b Without a radiologist.