Table 3.

Percent of program's patients in who procedure is performed by first or second year nephrology fellows with faculty supervision (responses to question 2)

Temporary HD catheter: IJ vein25112540
Temporary HD catheter: femoral vein17152346
Tunneled HD catheter: inpatient57101419
Tunneled HD catheter: outpatient6451418
Peritoneal dialysis catheter59121812
Percutaneous native kidney biopsy501382
Percutaneous transplant kidney biopsy722170
US guidance: native kidney biopsya1922157
US guidance: transplant kidney biopsya2102555
Diagnostic native kidney USa677027
Diagnostic transplant kidney USa6117022
Thrombectomy of HD access: inpatient6551020
Thrombectomy of HD access: outpatient6414914
Angioplasty of HD access: inpatient6811021
Angioplasty of HD access: outpatient6418018
Stenting of HD access: inpatient6811021
Stenting of HD access: outpatient6714019
Continuous renal replacement therapy421085
  • HD, hemodialysis; IJ, internal jugular; US, ultrasound. Total percentages in each row may exceed 100% due to rounding.

  • a Without a radiologist.