Table 3.

Renal biopsy findings

Pathologic findingMean (SD)RangePathologic findingNo. of cases% of cases
No. of glomeruli17.9 (9.7)4–41Pattern of DGS: nodular/diffuse7/1630.4/69.6
% of sclerotic glomeruli26.9 (15.1)0–50Degree of DGS: mild/moderate/severe12/9/252.2/39.1/8.7
% of glomeruli with cellular crescents24.9 (18)0–77Interstitial inflammation: focal/diffusea14/960.9/39.1
% of glomeruli with fibrous crescents8.4 (13.2)0–50Tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis: mild/moderate/severeb5/11/721.7/47.8/30.4
% of glomeruli with necrosis12.9 (14.6)0–53Arteriosclerosis and arteriolar hyalinosis: none/mild/moderate/severe1/1/18/34.3/4.3/78.3/13
% of open glomeruli without necrosis or crescents41.6 (20.5)0–80
  • DGS, diabetic glomerulosclerosis; SD, standard deviation.

  • a Focal, ≤ 50% of cortical surface area; diffuse, >50%.

  • b Mild, 0% to 25% of cortical surface area; moderate, 26% to 50%; severe, >50%.