Table 5.

Association of contrast-induced acute kidney injury with mortality

Definition of CIAKI based on Δ ScrUnadjusted OR for deatha95% CIAdjusted OR for deathb95% CI
≥ 25%3.80.4––14.6
≥ 50%NC
≥ 100%NC
≥ 0.25 mg/dl2.10.2––10.9
≥ 0.5 mg/dl7.70.7––39.5
≥ 1.0 mg/dlNC
  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; NC, not calculable (because of absence of deaths); —, not applicable.

  • a ORs are based on comparisons of patients who did and did not develop CIAKI.

  • b Adjusted for status at time of procedure and cerebrovascular disease.