Table 1.

Determination of AUC values by study groupa

Parameter50 IU/kg Three Times Weekly for 4 wk10,000 IU Weekly for 4 wk20,000 IU Every 2 wk for 4 wk40,000 IU Every 4 wk for 8 wk
AUC1 wk(2 × AUC48 h) + AUC72 hObserved dataObserved dataObserved data
AUC2 wk2 × AUC1 wk2 × AUC1 wkObserved dataObserved data
AUC4 wk2 × AUC2 wk2 × AUC2 wk2 × AUC2 wkObserved data
  • a AUC, area under the curve.