Table 1.

Results of national health surveys from Chile, Mexico, and Argentina: Prevalence of cardiovascular and renal risk factorsa

Hypertension (%)33.7030.8030.90
Hypercholesterolemia (%)35.0026.5027.90
Overweight (%)38.0039.5034.50
Obese (%)22.0031.1014.60
Abdominal obesity (ATP III; %)29.5047.80NA
Current smoking (%)42.0021.50d33.40
Past and current smoking57.0034.80dNA
Sedentary lifestyle (%)89.40NA46.20
Metabolic syndrome (%)23.00NANA
Ccr <80 ml/min (%)20.97NANA
Ccr <30 ml/min (%)0.18NANA
Proteinuria (%)e14.209.20dNA
Hematuria (%)e36.40NANA
  • a ATP III, Adult Treatment Panel III; Ccr, creatinine clearance; NA, not available

  • b The sample had an excess of participants who were older than 65 yr (10.9% in general population versus 25.4% in the surveyed population).

  • c Data were collected only as self-reporting.

  • d Data were taken from the Health National Survey Year 2000 (ENSA 2000). Subjects included in the analysis of proteinuria were between 20 and 69 yr of age (mean 44.6 ± 13.6) (31).

  • e Measured by dipstick, in only one recently voided urine sample. Proteinuria was considered positive at ≥30 mg.