Table 1.

Patients given DDAVP during treatment for hyponatremiaa

PatientAge (yr)/GenderCausative Factors of HyponatremiaPrecorrection PNa (mmol/L)Rx With 3% NaClΔPNa before DDAVP (mmol/L)Time of DDAVP from Precorrection PNa (h)Correction Rate before DDAVP (mmol/L per h)Urine Output before DDAVP (ml/h)UOsm before DDAVP (mOsm/kg)ΔPNa at 24 h (mmol/L)ΔPNa at 48 h (mmol/L)
Group 1
    260/FSSRI, THZ, ALC115bNo20241.084251062020
    468/FSSRI, THZ108No17170.831911716
    524/FPOST-OP, N&V129No13141.551313
Group 2
    742/MSSRI, ALC115bNo651.263027277
    978/MSSRI, THZ111Yes180.18266284717
    1034/FHYPOVOL, ARF124No342.612796340716
    1159/FALC, HYPOVOL106Yes10240.753231017
    1277/FCOPD, POLYDIP, THZ116Yes9131.4823799
    1381/FSSRI, PNEUM110Yes7102.00300228916
    1487/FTRICYC, NSAID116No6111.0041999
    1548/FCOPD, PNEUM110bYes6180.5793457816
    1663/FSSRI, CARB, PSYCH117No641.50270831215
    1761/FPSYCH, SSRI118No11231.003781631114
    1867/FSSRI, HYPOVOL120No481.00225140815
    1954/FCOPD, HYPOX117No11120.963971115
    2084/MTHZ, ARF120No6101.6238030888
  • a ALC, acute alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal; ARF, acute renal failure; CARB, carbamazepine; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation; DDAVP, desmopressin acetate; HYPOVOL, hypovolemia; HYPOX, hypoxemia; NSAID, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; N&V, nausea and vomiting; PNa, plasma sodium concentration; PNEUM, pneumonia; POLYDIP, polydipsia; POST-OP, postoperative; PSYCH, psychosis with self-induced water intoxication; SCCL, small cell carcinoma of the lung; SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; THZ, thiazide diuretic; TRICYC, tricyclic antidepressant.

  • b Seizure associated with precorrection PNa.