Table 3.

Volume of distribution, route of elimination, and elimination kinetics of major alcohols

AlcoholVolume of Distribution (L/kg)Half-Life (h)aRoute of Elimination (%)
AloneWith EthanolLiverLungRenal
Ethanol0.52 to 69523
Methanol0.6 to 0.714 to 3043 to 96972.51
Ethylene glycol0.5 to 0.83 to 817 to 188020
Diethylene glycolb0.54 to 6?30 to 5050 to 70
Propylene glycol0.51.4 to 3.31755 to 7525 to 45
Isopropanol0.52.5 to 6.4?80 - 9010 to 20
  • a Half-life is longer at the higher blood concentration found with intoxications as a result of saturation of alcohol dehydrogenase.

  • b Elimination kinetics not elucidated in humans; data on route of elimination and byproducts from studies in rats and dogs.