Table 4.

Relative dose of vitamin Da

Conventional Careb (n = 123)Cinacalcet (n = 252)
BaselineEnd of StudyBaselineEnd of Study
Mean (SD)2.6 (2.3)2.7 (2.2)2.2 (1.6)1.7 (1.6)
Median (Q1, Q3)2.0 (1.0,4.0)2.0 (1.5,4.0)2.0 (1.0,2.7)1.1 (0.5,2.3)
% Change in mean+3%−22%
  • a Only those patients receiving a vitamin D sterol at baseline are included. Minimum doses of vitamin D sterols were defined as follows: iv calcitriol, 0.5 μg TIW; iv alfacalcidol, 1 μg TIW; iv paracalcitol, 2 μg TIW; oral calcitriol, 0.25 μg TIW; oral alfacalcidol, 0.25 μg/d.

    Relative dose: Because of the multiple vitamin D analogs allowed in this study, dosage comparisons were based on conversion of each dose a patient received into a multiple of the defined minimum dose for a particular sterol. For example, if a patient received 1 μg iv calcitriol TIW, for which the minimum dose is 0.5 μg TIW, then the relative dose was calculated to be 2.

  • b The mean relative dose of vitamin D (SD) at week 23 in patients not receiving vitamin D at the start of study was 1.28 (SD 1.01) (n = 33).