Table 2.

Significant and most extreme results from Bayesian model assessing adjusted associations of hemoglobin fluctuation patterns and mortality

Adjusted Relative Rate (RR) Associationsa
RR95% CIPatternbVariability GroupcRR95% CIPatternbVariability Groupc
0.710.55 to 0.90ILIIHHL-H1.831.49 to 2.22LLIILLL-I
0.750.56 to 0.90HHLIHHL-H1.711.57 to 1.86LLLLLLL-L
0.780.61 to 0.97IILIHHL-H1.561.26 to 1.89LLILLLL-I
0.780.66 to 0.91IIIIHII-H1.481.21 to 1.79LLLILLL-I
0.790.63 to 0.96HIIIIHI-H1.461.24 to 1.69IILLLLL-I
0.790.65 to 0.95LIHHHHL-H1.441.10 to 1.83HLLLLLLL-H
0.800.66 to 0.94IIHHHHI-H1.381.07 to 1.76HHLLLLL-H
0.810.75 to 0.88IIIIIII-I1.381.11 to 1.69LILLLLL-I
0.820.71 to 0.95HHHIIII-H1.341.08 to 1.63LLLLILL-I
0.820.69 to 0.95IIIHHHI-H1.331.15 to 1.53IIILLLL-I
0.820.70 to 0.97HHHHIII-H1.301.12 to 1.50LLLLLIL-I
0.830.69 to 0.98ILIIIIL-I1.301.01 to 1.64IIIHLLL-H
0.830.69 to 0.99LLIHHHL-H1.281.09 to 1.49ILLLLLL-I
0.840.72 to 0.97IIIIIHI-H1.261.02 to 1.54LLIIILL-I
0.840.72 to 0.96HHIIIII-H1.181.01 to 1.36LLLLIIL-I
  • a Adjusted for age, gender, race, primary cause of ESRD (diabetes, hypertension, other), an indication of hospital admissions during the entry period, and the 10 comorbid conditions.

  • b Hemoglobin level each of months 1 to 6: L, hemoglobin >11g/dl; I, hemoglobin 11 to 12.5 g/dl; H, hemoglobin >12.5 g/dl.

  • c Monthly hemoglobin values were categorized as low (L), intermediate (I), and high (H); variability groups were classified on the basis of the lowest and highest categories seen in the 6-mo observation period.