Table 1.

Prospective trials of steroid therapy in IgANa

ReferenceNo. of PatientsStudy TypeTarget BP ACE/ARBFirst End Point% of End Points (P)SteroidsMean Prot (g/24 h)Duration of F/U (Yr)% of CrescentsΔProtein Steroid Rx (g/24 h)
Oral (Mo)Intravenous
Pozzi et al. (37)86Prosp<140/90Doubling2.3/30.2++1.8107Baseline 2.0
Rand+/+SCr0.000364 moF/U 0.8
Katafuchi et al. (44)90Prosp<130/80%ESRDNS+1.65510Baseline 2.3
Rand+/−24F/U 1.3
Kobayashi et al. (43)53Prosp<150/90Renal survival84/34+1.410NRBaseline 1.4
Open+/−0.00130F/U 0.8
Lai et al. (45)34Prosp<150/90ΔCrNS+6.53.530Baseline 6.5
RandNRΔProt0.0538F/U 2.3
Shoji et al. (51)20Prosp<135/85ΔCrNS+0.7514Baseline 0.75
Rand−/−ΔProt0.00352F/U 0.3
Kuriki et al. (38)16Prosp<140/90ΔProt0.005++1.6130Baseline 1.0
Open−/−% SclerosisNS243 dF/U 0.3
Waldo (57)13ProspNRRenal function0.03+1.01NRBaseline 1.0
OpenΔProtNS24F/U 0.3
Hotta et al. (52)35Prosp<130/80ΔProt0.001++1.0191Baseline 1.6
OpenNR/NR% Sclerosis0.001123 dF/U 0.3
Haramaki (58)23ProspNRΔProt<0.05+0.61NRBaseline 0.6
OpenΔTGF-β1F/U 0.4
  • a ACEI, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors; ARB, angiotensin receptor blockers; CR, creatinine; F/U, follow-up; IgAN, IgA nephropathy; NR, not recorded; Open, open label; Prosp, prospective; Prot, protein; Rand, randomized; SCr, serum creatinine; UP, urinary protein.