Table 1.

Characteristics of RCT included for meta-analysis of the RR for failure to induce remission (complete or partial)a

StudyJadad ScoreYearFollow-Up (mo)MMFCYC
Dosage (g/d)Patients (n)Pure Class VTreatment FailuresDeaths/ESRDDosagePatients (n)Pure Class VTreatment FailuresDeaths/ESRD
Flores-Suarez and Villa (19)2200412NR10340/0NR10083/0
Ong et al. (14)320056219080/10.75 to 1 g/m2 intravenously250120/0
Ginzler et al. (13)32005637114340/00.75 to 1 g/m2 intravenously6913480/2
Chan et al. (18)2200512233010/02.5 mg/kg orally31020/2
  • a CYC, cyclophosphamide; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; NR, not reported; RCT, randomized, controlled trial; RR, relative risk.

  • b Extended follow-up.