Table 1.

KCERC working groups: Resources and programs developed and under developmenta

Working GroupSummaryOn-Line Information Site
Patient assistancePatient survival instructionsKCERC report attachment, P41–45
Patient identification cards developedModeled on those provided by ESRD Network 7,
Patient and provider trackingOn-line system to track dialysis facility status (open/closed) (activated at time of diaster)
On-line system to track patient location created (DPAR), reports to be submitted by fifth day of disaster and then semiweeklyPending in phase 2
Standardized medical record for dialysis patentsPending in phase 2
Dialysis staff augmentationSet up volunteer database (ANNA)
Established volunteer opportunity for physicians, dialysis nurses, and dialysis technicians (NDMS)
Facility operationsHazard mitigation plansKCERC report attachment, P8–19
Emergency plansKCERC report attachment, P32–45
Emergency response: Checklist, evacuation plansKCERC report attachment, P47–50
Emergency dialysis orders; rationing treatmentKCERC report attachment, P66
Physical site damage assessment formKCERC report attachment, P73
Supply checklistKCERC report attachment, P97
Facility evacuation kitKCERC report attachment, P99
Facility emergency response teamsKCERC report attachment, P121–130
Vendor services response tool to speed resupply after disasterPending in phase 2
CommunicationsKidney Care Emergency Web Site and toll-free telephone
NKF listserv to facilitate sharing of information during an emergencyER{at}
KCERC daily telephone conference, beginning during predisaster evacuationTo be activated during emergency
Federal, state, and local agency supportEducational material for first responders developed (“Risk to patients with kidney disease when disaster strikes”)Developed; available by request from KCERC
CMS rule change will have emergency response language for dialysis facilitiesDue 2007
ShelterOn the KCERC phase 2 agenda
TransportationOn the KCERC phase 2 agenda
  • a The KCERC report and attachment are available at ANNA, American Nephrology Nurses Association; CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; DPAR, Disaster Patient Assistance Report; KCERC, Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition; NDMS, National Disaster Medical System; NKF, National Kidney Foundation.