Table 1.

Sociodemographic characteristics and months receiving dialysis, by vascular access at first dialysis and day 60 of ESRD: DMMS Wave 2 HD patientsa

CharacteristicAVF at First Dialysis and Day 60 of ESRD(n = 154)AVG at First Dialysis and Day 60 of ESRD(n = 326)CVC at First Dialysis, AVF at Day 60 of ESRD(n = 145)CVC at First Dialysis, AVG at Day 60 of ESRD(n = 445)CVC at First Dialysis and Day 60 of ESRD(n = 493)Pb
Race/gender (%)<0.0001
    black male21.416.021.418.917.7
    black female8.427.38.318.416.6
    white male48.128.251.732.132.3
    white female22.128.518.630.633.4
Age at enrollment (yr; mean)60.5 (15.4)63.1 (14.2)58.1 (16.3)62.5 (14.7)60.9 (16.6)0.009
Age (%)0.03
    18 to 6451.349.162.847.652.1
Educational status (%)0.0009
    <12 yr30.644.835.245.443.0
    high school graduate32.935.931.230.135.2
    some college or more36.519.333.624.521.8
Household status (%)0.01
    living alone22.521.518.915.114.6
    living with others73.570.578.376.174.3
    nursing home4.
Months on dialysis (mean)2.2 (0.7)2.3 (0.8)2.4 (1.3)2.2 (0.5)2.3 (1.0)0.08
  • a AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, atriovenous graft; CVC, central venous catheter; DMMS, Dialysis Morbidity and Mortality Study; HD, hemodialysis.

  • b Differences among vascular access categories using ANOVA to compare means and χ2 tests to compare proportions.