Table 3.

Summary of reports with IFN monotherapy and IFN plus ribavirin in HCV+ kidney transplant recipientsa

StudybPatientsTreatmentHCV-Specific OutcomesOther Outcomes
Combination antiviral therapy
    Shu et al., 2004 (102)11IFN 1 MU thrice weekly + RBV 600 mg/d for 48 wkFive of eight completers had on-treatment response, and three of eight completers had SVR9.1% experienced acute graft failure; three discontinued treatment
    Baid et al., 2003 (71)12IFN 1.5 to 3.0 MU thrice weekly + RBV 200 to 800 mg/dVirologic response in 33%Normalization of ALT in 75% Two nonresponders died of liver-related complications during follow-up17% developed acute humoral rejection within 6 mo of treatment initiation
    Tang et al., 2003 (103)4IFN 3 MU thrice weekly + RBV for 48 wk75% achieved SVR and normalization of ALT levelsNo patient developed allograft dysfunction
IFN monotherapy
    Durlik et al., 1998 (104)42IFN-α 3 MU thrice weekly for 6 moNo patient achieved SVR43% normalized ALT Repeat liver biopsy (n = 16): stable disease in nine, progression to cirrhosis in five, and remission in twoSeven developed acute rejection, five lost the graft
    Toth et al., 1998 (105)2 (FCH)IFN-α monotherapyBoth responded to IFN within 2 mo of starting therapy with normalization of liver testsNeither patient experienced acute rejection
    Rostaing et al., 1995c (72)16IFN-α 2b 3 MU thrice weekly for 6 mo15 of 16 patients exhibited normalization of ALT levelsNone achieved SVRNine discontinued treatmentSix developed renal failure
  • a FCH, fibrosing cholestatic hepatitis; RBV, ribavirin.

  • b Includes all reports with more than one patient treated.

  • c Only controlled study.