Table 3.

Comparison of response to second-line agents on the basis of steroid responsiveness

Second-Line AgentTotal No. TreatedaSteroid Dependent (n)Steroid Resistant (n)Pb
    total remission (n [%])11 (55)4 (80)2 (50)0.081
    complete (n)831
    partial (n)311
    total remission (n [%])24 (61)6 (75)9 (45)0.064
    complete (n)1454
    partial (n)1015
    total remission (n [%])3 (75)2 (100)1 (50)0.076
    complete (n)110
    partial (n)211
Mycophenolate mofetil1474
    total remission (n [%])9 (64)6 (86)1 (25)0.055
    complete (n)540
    partial (n)421
All agents combined772230
    total remission (n [%])47 (61)18 (82)13 (43)0.010
    complete (n)28135
    partial (n)1858
  • a Total no. treated includes all patients who were treated for any indication, including steroid resistance or dependence, partial response to steroids, frequent relapses, or toxicity/contraindications to steroids.

  • b Steroid dependent versus steroid resistant.