Table 3.

Estimation of expected years on dialysis by vascular access and diabetes statusa

ParameterMode of Access
HR relative to fistula patientsb
    with diabetesNA1.01.41.5
    without diabetesNA1.01.01.7
HR relative to all patientsc
    with diabetes1.
    without diabetes1.
Expected years on hemodialysis, applying HR to USRDS reported mean survivald
    with diabetes4.
    without diabetes5.
Increment in mean survival relative to fistula (yr)
    with diabetes0.0−1.6−1.8
    without diabetes0.00.0−2.4
  • a USRDS, US Renal Data System.

  • b Dhingra et al. (5). Because the difference between graft and fistula in patients without diabetes was not found to be statistically significant, 1.0 was assumed.

  • c Author calculation based on modality mix in Dhingra sample.

  • d USRDS (15) Tables 4.12, I0.15 for all modes of access, and author calculations assuming constant hazard rate for specific modes.