Table 5.

Multivariate logistic analysis assessing the impact of septic AKI on hospital mortalitya

FactorbOR95% CIP
Age (per year)1.021.01 to 1.03<0.001
Premorbid kidney functionc
    impaired0.810.62 to 1.050.11
    unknown0.720.51 to 1.010.06
SAPS II (per point)1.021.01 to 1.03<0.001
Vasoactive drugs (present)1.661.28 to 2.16<0.001
Mechanical ventilation (present)2.491.88 to 3.30<0.001
Oliguria (present)1.521.20 to 1.92<0.001
Sepsis (present)1.481.17 to 1.890.001
  • a Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit, P = 0.98, area under the receiver operator characteristic curve 0.75. CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.

  • b Multivariate analysis also adjusted for country, but data not shown.

  • c Reference variable: Normal premorbid kidney function.