Table 1.

Sensitivity and specificity of iron measuresa

StudyGold StandardSerum Ferritin/TSAT CutoffSensitivitySerum Ferritin/TSATSpecificitySerum Ferritin/TSAT
Fishbane et al. (4)Functional<100 ng/ml/<21%48%/81% 75%/63%
Tessitore et al. (5)Functional<100 ng/ml/<19%35%/59% 78%/78%
Kalantar-Zadeh et al. (6)BM<200 ng/ml/<20%41%/88%100%/63%
  • a The utility of a diagnostic test can be defined only in terms of a second test, a “gold standard.” TSAT, transferrin saturation; Functional, response to iron therapy; BM, bone marrow biopsy with iron staining.