Table 2.

Comparisons of characteristics of nephrologists according to level of preparedness

Characteristic of NephrologistsWithin Nephrologists Level of Preparedness (Mean ± SD or %)P
Very Well Prepared(n = 143)Less than Very Well Prepared(n = 211)
Year fellowship completed1985 ± 111992 ± 12<0.001
Age (yr)<0.001
    20 to 452755
    46 to 656439
No. of patients cared for114 ± 83109 ± 1220.033
No. of patients who stopped dialysis in past year5.6 ± 5.13.8 ± 3.9<0.001
Use time-limited trials of dialysis87740.003
No. of patients referred to hospice in past year3.9 ± 4.13.3 ± 3.90.039
Practice in units that refer patients to hospice87760.013
Medical school affiliation52540.644
Country of practice, United States87800.075
Unit policy on withdrawal of dialysis31220.062
Unit policy on CPR80790.812
Practice in units in which CPR is discussed routinely93850.029
Likely to consult an ESRD Network Ethics Committee for difficult patient treatment decisions40570.002
Aware of RPA/ASN guidelines7052<0.001
Use RPA/ASN guidelinesa58480.155
Aware of RPA/ASN statement62480.007
Use RPA/ASN statementa59550.613
  • a Numbers and percentages are based on nephrologists who are aware of guidelines/statement.