Table 1.

Comparisons of characteristics of nephrologists according to country of practicea

Characteristic of NephrologistsWithin Nephrologists’ Country of Practice (Mean ± SD or %)P
United States(n = 296)Canada(n = 61)
Year fellowship completed1988 ± 111992 ± 120.006
Age (yr)0.001
    20 to 454062
    46 to 655428
No. of patients cared for106 ± 104139 ± 1210.549
No. of patients stopped dialysis in past year4.2 ± 4.06.3 ± 6.40.018
Use time-limited trials of dialysis79820.614
No. of patients referred to hospice in past year3.8 ± 3.92.5 ± 4.0<0.001
Practice in units that refer patients to hospice8561<0.001
For-profit chain affiliation570<0.001
Medical school affiliation4689<0.001
Very well prepared42300.075
Unit policy on withdrawal of dialysis307<0.001
Unit policy on CPR8647<0.001
Practice in units in which CPR is routinely discussed89840.200
Aware of RPA/ASN guidelines61490.075
Use RPA/ASN guidelinesb51550.706
Aware of RPA/ASN statement57410.026
Use RPA/ASN statementb54760.040
  • a CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; RPA/ASN, Renal Physicians Association/American Society of Nephrology.

  • b Numbers and percentages are based on nephrologists who are aware of guidelines/statement.