Table 1.

Arguments against a regulated system of sales (paid donation)

  1. Arguments that do not distinguish between donation and sales

    1. the paid donor would be harmed

    2. there can be no genuine consent

    3. we do not know enough about long-term risk to donors

  2. Arguments with no supportive data

    1. donation would decrease

    2. donation should be purely altruistic

    3. the traditional doctor–patient relationship would be damaged

  3. Arguments that are not logical

    1. unregulated systems have failed elsewhere

    2. Congress and various professional societies have already voted for prohibition of sales

    3. sale of blood failed

    4. the church would object

    5. a financial incentive is coercion

    6. the system would be abused

  4. Commodification of the body

  5. Exploitation of the poor