Table 1.

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristicsa

Total(n = 259)Subgroup(n = 89)
Demographic characteristics
    age (yr)66.2 (15.2)68.6 (14.3)
    gender (% female)51.043.8
Cause of ESRD (%)
    polycystic kidney disease3.23.4
Comorbid conditions (% yes)
    coronary artery diseaseb42.342.7
    congestive heart failure16.722.1
    peripheral vascular diseasec15.922.4
  • a Data are mean (SD) or %.

  • b Includes coronary artery bypass surgery, angina, and myocardial infarction.

  • c Includes history of peripheral vascular disease, limb amputation, absent foot pulses, and symptoms of claudication.