Table 5.

Summary of clinical and morphologic features in published cases of Staphylococcus infection-associated glomerulonephritis

Previous ReportsnAge group (yr)StaphylococcusOrigin of InfectionLatent Period (wk)Clinical PresentationSerum ComplementGlomerular HistologyIgA Deposits on IFTreatmentOutcome
1Koyama A, et al.( 2)1021 to 84; 8 pts >50MRSAAbdominal abscess, pneumonia, empyema, septicemia2 to 16 wkRPGN with nephrotic syndrome, few with purpuraNormalMesangial proliferative GN, diffuse proliferative GN, with crescentsCo-dominant, mesangial, capillary loopsVancomycin7 of 10 pts improved; 3 pts died
2Yoh K, et al.(4)171MRSAPneumonia after cancer surgery1 wkSubnephrotic proteinuria, microscopic hematuriaNormalMild to moderate mesangial proliferationCo-dominant, mainly capillary loopsImipenem, cilastatinRecovered
3Nagaba Y, et al.(8)823 to 75; 6 pts >50MRSAPneumonia, visceral abscess4 to 16RPGN, purpura, heavy proteinuria,Low normal4 of 8 pts crescentic, 4 of 8 pts mild to moderate mesangial proliferationDominant, mesangial5 of 8 pts vancomycin, 1 of 8 pts minocycline + ofloxacin, 2 pts steroidsDeath in 2 pts treated with steroids; others recovered
4Handa T, et al.(6)157MSSAInfected dermatitis lesions0Nephrotic syndrome, microscopic hematuriaLow normalDiffuse proliferative GNDominant, mesangial, capillary loopsCefdinir, cefazolin, prednisoneRecovered
5Spector DA, et al.(10)330 to 80SAEmpyema, subcutaneous abscesses, septicemia0 to 6 wkRPGN, nephrotic range proteinuria in 2 pts, subnephrotic in 1 ptNormalModerate mesangial proliferative GN, diffuse proliferative GNCo-dominant mesangial, 1 pt capillary loopsMethicillin2 pts recovered, 1 pt died
6Griffin MD, et al.(11)172SAPostsurgical sternal wound infection1 wkARF, microscopic hematuriaLow normalMesangial proliferative GNCo-dominant mesangial, glomerular capillary loopsVancomycinRecovered
7Pola E, et al.(12)130SAArthroscopy knee surgery (septic arthritis)Several daysARF, subnephrotic proteinuria, microscopic hematuriaNot statedMild mesangial proliferative GNDominant mesangialCiprofloxacin, methyl-prednisolone, prednisoneRecovered
8Nasr SH, et al.(14)550 to 89; 4 pts >50MSSA, SEInfected foot ulcers, rectal abscess2 to 12 wkARF, subnephrotic proteinuria, microscopic hematuriaLowDiffuse proliferative GN,Dominant, mesangial, few“humps” in capillary loopsAntibiotics, not specified1 pt recovered, others on dialysis
9our data850 to 80MRSA, MSSA, MRSELeg ulcers, infected wound, line infection0 WeeksRPGN, ARF, nephrotic syndrome, hematuriaNormal in 5 pts, low in 3 pts5 mesangial proliferative pts, 3 diffuse proliferative with hyalin thrombi ptsPredominant or co-dominantVancomycin3 pts recovered, 5 pts on dialysis
  • SA, S. aureus(antibiotic sensitivity not specified); SE, S. epidermidis(antibiotic sensitivity not specified); RPGN, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis; ARF, acute renal failure; pt(s), patient(s).