Table 2.

Oral prednisone administration during treatmenta

VariableVisit/PeriodCyclosporine (n = 36)Azathioprine (n = 33)
No. of PatientsMeanSDMinimumMaximumNo. of PatientsMeanSDMinimumMaximum
Current dose (mg/d)bBaseline2924.27.36.350.02922.
30 d3421.78.310.050.03323.17.26.340.0
60 d3317.29.26.350.03318.97.16.340.0
6 mo3312.97.52.537.53212.65.26.325.0
12 mo338.86.22.537.5288.94.32.525.0
24 mo277.54.92.525.0247.25.32.525.0
Cumulative dose (mg)3676674724116124,6233373774014145623,255
  • a Statistics are based on all patients who take at least one prednisone dose from baseline to month-24 visit. No significant differences were seen at any time point between treatments. The cumulative dosage of prednisone was not significantly different.

  • b Statistics are calculated on patients who actually were taking prednisone. Patients who were not taking prednisone (dose = 0) are not considered.