Table 5.

Changes in median laboratory values in the three patient groups

Prednisone GroupO3FA GroupPlacebo Group
No. of patients302030242924
Serum creatinine (mg/dl)
Blood urea nitrogen (mg/dl)151814151716
Alkaline phosphatase (IU/L)79828480109104
Albumin (g/d)
Total serum protein (g/dl)
ALT (IU/L)202015161218
Serum glucose (mg/dl)928590899090
Serum cholesterol (mg/dl)213207202215210204
Serum triglyceride (mg/dl)141200151124144168
Serum LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)126123118134121117
Serum HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)495145504544
Hemoglobin (g/dl)14.113.913.613.813.014.6
WBC count630095006600600061005800
  • a“End” refers to values recorded at 24-mo visit. WBC, white blood cell.