Table 3.

Staining characteristics of positive casesa

    S-A+2 to 3+100+2+80++++M P
    S-B+2 to 3+100+2+70++++M P
    S-D+2+1001+<10++++++P M
    S-Feq1+30+2 to 3+70++N
    S-H+2 to 3+100+2+60++M N
    S-I+2 to 3+>501+10++++M
    O-5+2 to 3+>90+2 to 3+>90+++++M P
    O-6+3+>90+3+>90++++N M
    O-8+2 to 3+100+3+100+++N M
    O-10+3+100+3+>95+M N
    O-11+2 to 3+80+3+80+++++N M P
    O-12+3+80+2 to 3+90++M
    O-16+2 to 3+90+3+90++++N M P
    O-18+2 to 3+90+3+>95++N M P
    O-22+2 to 3+80+1 to 2+50+++M
    O-23+1 to 2+601+<5++M
    O-25+2+60+1 to 2+60+++M
    O-2700+1 to 2+50++++P M
    O-29+2+60+1 to 2+70++M N
    O-30+2+70+1 to 2+70+++M N P
    O-35+2+50+2+>80+++M N
    O-36+3+100+2+>90+++++M N P
  • a Discordant cases highlighted in bold. eq, equivocal; IF, immunofluorescence; IHC, immunohistochemical; M, mononuclear cells (lymphocytes, monocytes); N, neutrophil; O, OHSU cases; P, plasma cells; PTC, peritubular capillary; S, Stanford cases; −, negative; +, present, scant; ++, moderate; +++, abundant.