Table 1.

Patient and biopsy characteristics: Stanford data set (n = 107)

Biopsy Populationn (%)C4d+ (%)
Pediatric transplant biopsies71 (66%)6 (8.4%)
Living donor graft biopsies75 (70%)3 (9.4%)
Female recipient graft biopsies48 (45%)7 (14.5%)a
High PRAb20/101 (20%)2 (10%)
Blood transfusionc37/65 (53%)
Nonprotocol biopsies60 (56%)9 (15%)
Biopsies with cellular rejection33 (31%)8 (24%)
Time posttransplantation2.67 yr1 wk–10 yr
  • a Six of seven female patients were pediatric; no pregnancies.

  • b Biopsies from recipients with panel reactive antibodies (PRA) >20% before or after transplantation (class I or class II) by Luminex beads; data available on 101 patients.

  • c Biopsies from recipients with blood transfusion before, during, or after transplantation; data available on 65 patients, only two of whom were C4d+.