Table 3.

Multivariable associations of in-hospital mortality in extremely low gestational age neonates in Recombinant Erythropoietin for Protection of Infant Kidney Disease: Severe AKIa at various timepoints

Timing of AKIDeaths After Time PeriodTotal% Deaths After Time PeriodCrudeb Hazard Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)Adjustedb,c,d Hazard Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)
Early severe AKIe
 Yes32015%2.70 (0.84 to 8.66)2.36 (0.47 to 1.70)
Middle severe AKIf
 Yes2375%1.24 (0.30 to 5.17)0.69 (0.11 to 4.19)
Late severe AKIg
 Yes65311%4.08 (1.61 to 10.3)4.57 (1.82 to 11.49)
  • GA, gestational age; SGA, small for gestational age.

  • a 0-d lag for AKI stage.

  • b Clustered by mother to account for multiple births.

  • c Cox model adjusted for GA, sex, SGA, 5-min Apgar, intubation, epinephrine, chest compressions, necrotizing enterocolitis, sepsis, and intraventricular hemorrhage.

  • d Covariates estimates not shown.

  • e This excludes 30 children who died and one child who was discharged alive on d 3–7.

  • f This excludes an additional 15 children who died on d 8–14 and 20 children with severe AKI during d 3–7.

  • g This excludes an additional 12 children who died and two children who were withdrawn from the study on d 15–28, and 37 children with severe AKI during d 8–14.