Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the study populationa

VariableMean (SD)
    age (yr)43.31 (14.19)
    height (cm)169.01 (13.68)
    weight (kg)72.61 (17.22)
    history of diabetes27%
    history of hypertension47%
    living donor25%
    age (yr)34.4 (15.5)
    height (cm)164.3 (21.9)
    weight (kg)72.8 (19.0)
    no. of HLA matched antigens1.82 (1.49)
Cause of ESRD
Mean PRA level (%)5.27 (14.67)
Peak PRA level (%)12.09 (21.45)
Comorbidity score0.83 (0.80)
Total no. of transplants1.16 (0.43)
Previous transplant13%
Predominant RRT modality
    peritoneal dialysis23%
  • a Continuous variables are presented as mean (SD), categorical variables are presented as class percentages. Variables included in multivariate analysis, except for the primary variables of interest (Table 2), are described in this table. PRA, panel reactive antibody; RRT, renal replacement therapy.