Table 2.

Medication discrepancy outcomes at exit by study group

OutcomeeKidneyCare (n=82)MyMedRec (n=83)P value
Primary outcome
All medications
  Discrepancy rate, median (IQR)0.45 (0.33–0.63)0.67 (0.40–1.00)0.001
  Change in discrepancies from entry, mean±SD0.13±0.270.30±0.410.007
  Number of discrepancies per patient, median (IQR)5 (3–7)6 (4–10)0.01
  Total number of medications per patient, median (IQR)11 (8–14)11 (8–13)0.95
Secondary outcomes
 Proportion of patients with ≥1 clinically relevant medication discrepancies, n (%)62 (70)70 (75)0.30
Clinically relevant medications
 Discrepancy rate, median (IQR)0.33 (0.20–0.46)0.50 (0.32–0.72)<0.001
 Change in discrepancies from entry, mean±SD.0.02±0.290.18±0.430.004
 Number of clinically relevant discrepancies per patient, median (IQR)3 (2–4)4 (2–6)0.001
 Number of clinically relevant medications per patient, median (IQR)8 (6–11)8 (6–11)0.97
Severity of clinically relevant medication discrepanciesb, mean±SD
 All categories2.66±2.194.16±3.700.004 0.61 (0.48–0.78)a
 Category D or higher1.66±1.883.08±3.31<0.001 0.52 (0.38–0.70)a
 Category E or higher0.94±1.251.65±1.830.002 0.54 (0.39–0.76)a
 Category E1 or higher0.27±0.540.63±0.910.002 0.40 (0.24–0.66)a
  • IQR, interquartile range.

  • a Rate ratio (95% confidence interval).

  • b Severity on the basis of National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP) Index.