Table 3.

Home dialysis care domains and aspects of care from concept elicitation focus groups

Grouped Area and Home Dialysis Care DomainNo. of MentionsKey Aspects of Care
Communication and education
 Dialysis center staff education of patients and patient-centered communication107Clarity and quality of communication between staff, patient, care partner
Accuracy, completeness, flexibility of education content
Effectiveness in addressing patient’s questions
 Nephrologist education of patients and patient-centered communication15Frequency of communication between nephrologist, patient, care partner
Availability of nephrologist and communication with dialysis staff
Concern and helpfulness of the care team
 Concern and helpfulness of the dialysis center staff36Perception by patient that staff members are caring, informed, respectful
Perception by patient that staff members are proactive and helpful when asked
 Concern and helpfulness of the nephrologist7Perception by patient that nephrologist is caring, informed
Nephrologist shows respect and takes patient seriously
 Support services38Availability of social work, dietitian, transportation services
Availability of backup and respite care
 Care partner training and support7Degree to which care partners receive training and support from staff
Proficiency of the care team
 Dialysis center staff proficiency36Perception by patient that dialysis staff members can manage problems, deliver timely care, and show/perform technical aspects of dialysis
Patient-centered care
 Personalization of care39Patient perception that staff members take patients’ values and preferences into account in treatment decisions and integration of treatment into life
 Patient involvement in care12Inclusion of patients in decisions regarding dialysis modality
Patient comfort in asking questions about care
 Access and convenience of care31Accessibility of home dialysis center
Ease of contacting dialysis center staff
Accessibility of different dialysis modalities
 Confidence and safety to perform dialysis at home33Confidence in performing all steps of dialysis procedure
Knowledge of response to complications, emergencies, disasters
 Handling of grievances3Response by dialysis staff members to complaints and comfort of patients in raising complaints
Care coordination
 Care coordination39Perception of patient regarding cooperation among providers
Amenities and environment
 Facility amenities and environment15Cleanliness, convenience, quality of dialysis facility space
 Dialysis supplies, equipment, and home environment30Convenience and accessibility of dialysis supply and delivery process
Helpfulness of staff in dealing with supply issues
  • Care partner was defined as any person identified by the individual undergoing dialysis as important in assisting in any aspect of the dialysis care.