Table 3.

Secondary outcomes at exit by study group

VariableeKidneyCarenMyMedRecNP Value
BP, mm Hga
 Clinic BP, mean±SD
  6 mo systolic BP−0.16±20.182−1.21±18.9770.78
  Diastolic BP−0.26±11.182−1.78±9.9770.24
  12 mo systolic BP−1.81±22.283−2.61±19.4820.78
  Diastolic BP−1.52±12.983−1.49±10.3820.91
Home BP, mean±SD
  12 mo systolic BP−2.22±16.9800.96±14.1620.33
  Diastolic BP−0.26±8.9800.10±7.1620.92
Laboratory, mean±SDa
 Hemoglobin, g/dl0.01±1.29740.25±1.11660.31
 Potassium, mEq/L−0.1±0.673−0.1±0.7670.71
 Phosphate, mg/dl0.03±1.3661−0.19±1.49530.42
Patient-reported outcome, mean±SDa
Patient satisfaction: Mobile app data usage
 Per-person totals of BP measurements over study period, median (IQR)194 (94–338)89102 (28–182)93<0.001
 Number of patients with a gap >60 d between consecutive BP readings over follow-up, n (%)13 (15)8963 (68)93<0.001
  • HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; VR12-PCS, Veterans Rand-12 Physical Component Score; VR12-MCS, Veterans Rand-12 Mental Component Score; EQ-5D, EuroQol-5 Dimension; IQR, interquartile range.

  • a Mean±SD change from baseline to exit, with positive numbers indicating an increase and negative a decrease.