Table 3.

Outcome after renal transplantation in patients with non–Stx-HUS associated to a mutation of factor I (IF)

Study (First Author, Year)PatientGenderFamilial HUSAge at HUS OnsetTime between HUS and DialysisaIF MutationEffect of MutationHUS Recurrence after TROutcome after Transplantation
Fremeaux-Bacchi, 200440FNo26 yr?G1666ATrp528StopYesbGraft failure secondary to HUS recurrenceb
Kavanagh, 200542FNo32 yrNo recoveryG463ATrp127StopYesGraft failure secondary to HUS recurrence
43MNo33 yrNo recovery922delCPremature stopYesGraft failure secondary to HUS recurrence
  • a Irreversible loss of renal function during the acute phase = no recovery.

  • b Disease recurrence and graft failure for recurrence after both the first and the second transplant.