Table 2.

Correlations between HCO3 and relevant clinical and laboratory variablesa

VariableUnadjusted (Pearson) Correlation rMultivariate (Partial) Correlation
Dialysis dose: Kt/V (single pool)0.080.02
Dialysis vintage0.040.04
Protein intake: nPNA or nPCR−0.22−0.20
Serum albumin−0.11−0.04
    urea nitrogen−0.33−0.19
Blood hemoglobin−0.11−0.09
    lymphocyte percentage0.030.03
  • a Unadjusted and multivariate adjusted case-mix plus MICS models were used (see Materials and Methods). All P values are <0.001 due to large sample size. Correlation coefficients of ±0.20 or stronger are in bold.