Table 4.

Peritoneal dialysis effluent culture procedure and Standardizing Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric End Stage Renal Disease (SCOPE) bundle elements

Bundle Elements
(1) 50-ml sample of effluenta obtained with documentation of time sample collected
(2) If unable to obtain 50 ml of fluid, instill ≥80% of fill volume, and wait at least 1 h prior to obtaining fluid for processing
(3) Sample to be refrigerated and/or placed on ice upon collection and during transport to the laboratory
(4) Sample to be delivered to laboratory in ≤6 h following collectiona
(5) 1- to 2-ml aliquot of sample obtained for cell count
(6) Remainder of specimen to be centrifuged to obtain sediment for culturea
(7) Sediment to be resuspended in 6–10 ml of sterile saline or supernatant
(8) Gram stain performed on resuspended sediment
(9) Blood, chocolate, and MacConkey agar plates to be inoculated with resuspended sedimenta
(10) Aerobic and anerobic blood culture bottles to be inoculated with resuspended sedimenta
  • a Indicates audited bundle element.