Table 3.

Risk factors for in-hospital mortality according to multivariate analysis

Odds ratio95% confidence intervalP
Age0.98a0.97 to 0.99<0.01
SAPS II0.98a0.97 to 0.99<0.01
Serum creatinine at day 00.93a0.86 to 1.010.07
Serum bilirubin at day 00.94a0.90 to 0.980.02
Respiratory rate at day 00.97a0.95 to 0.990.06
PEEP at day 01.05a1.01 to 1.090.08
Hospital length of stay1.03a1.02 to 1.03<0.01
Days on mechanical ventilation0.96a0.95 to 0.98<0.01
Hemorrhagic stroke1.941.19 to 3.140.07
Cardiac arrest2.531.42 to 4.530.02
ARDS2.341.23 to 4.280.06
Hospital pneumonia2.581.41 to 4.780.02
Trauma0.510.29 to 0.910.02
Sepsis1.441.08 to 1.930.01
AKI1.651.23 to 2.14<0.01
  • Only variables that remained in the equation after forward stepwise selection method are displayed. AKI, acute kidney injury; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure; SAPS, simplified acute physiology score.

  • a Per unit of variation: age (years); SAPS II (point); serum creatinine and serum bilirubin (mg/dl); duration of mechanical ventilation and hospital length of stay (days).